Commissioner Precinct 2


A Parker County commissioner is one of four elected commissioners to serve along with the county judge on the Commissioner’s Court. The county commissioner for Precinct 2 represents the precinct on all issues and actions presented at Commissioners Court. The commissioner is also responsible for the upkeep of the roads and bridges in his precinct.

Commissioner Services

  • Acquires property for rights of way or other public uses
  • Adopts subdivision regulations
  • Appoints non-elected department heads and standing committees
  • Establishes precinct boundaries for commissioners and justice of the peace precincts
  • Fills vacancies in elective and appointive positions
  • Has authority to enter into contracts on behalf of the county
  • Oversees the construction, maintenance, and improvements of roads and bridges
  • Sets the tax rate, adopts the budget, and authorizes expenditures and issuing bonds

County Maintained Roads

Precinct 2 maintains more than 395 linear miles of roadway and their rights of way, numerous bridges, and low-water crossings. However, there are some roads in Parker County that are not county-maintained roads including:

  • Private roads constructed in private subdivisions that are maintained by the private residents / homeowners’ association
  • Roads within an established subdivision that have not been accepted for maintenance and are therefore still the responsibility of the developer
  • Roads within the incorporated limits of cities, towns, or other entities and maintained by those entities
  • U.S highways, state highways, and farm-to-market roads maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation

Driveway Access

A permit from Precinct 2 will be required for any culvert placed in the county right-of-way. There is no charge for the permit. The owner or a representative must come into the office to request a permit.

Culvert types and sizes must be approved by Precinct 2 prior to their placement. The foreman or assistant foreman will inspect the site to determine its placement according to the precinct’s requirements. The county does not sell or deliver culverts for private or commercial use. All persons requiring culverts set must acquire culverts for themselves and have them delivered to the site where they are to be installed or employ an installer. The property owner is responsible for covering the culvert after final inspection by the precinct. The telephone number is 817-594-4022.

Rights of Way Regulations

No driveway or utility construction shall be allowed without first obtaining a permit from Precinct 2. The following are additional regulations with regard to rights of way.

  • Concrete, Brick, or Masonry Work
    • Concrete work, brick work, or masonry work that is not a part of the road drainage system or pavement system is not allowed within the county right-of-way, except as approved by Precinct 2. Entrance gates and private retaining walls are not allowed within the county rights of way
  • Fences
    • Fences are not permitted in the rights of way of county roads. Fences may be placed on the right-of-way line of county roads
  • Landscaping
    • Planting or constructing landscape within the county right-of-way is not permitted. Landscaping includes trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, and other decorative plantings as well as the construction of landscaping appurtenances
  • Signs
    • Placement of advertising signs and other private signs within the right-of-way of any county road is not permitted. Street name signs are permitted by Parker County regulation
Precinct 2 Information for 2023 Transportation Bond