Commissioner Precinct 3

The responsibility of the Commissioner Precinct 3 is to oversee construction and maintenance of county roads within the district.

Commissioner Larry Walden

Video of Commissioner Walden
"I have been fortunate enough to live in Parker County my entire life. My great great grandfather came here after the Civil War; he was here on the 1870 census. That makes me a fifth generation Parker County resident. Additionally, I have been fortunate enough to work in Parker County my entire career. I was a Parker County educator for 30 years, retiring in 2010. With my brother Jerry, I own businesses here - Walden Farm and Ranch Supply, Inc. - & I am beginning my second term as county commissioner." - Larry Walden

Work Request

If you would like to enter a work request for something in Precinct 3, complete and submit the work request form.

More Information

Contact Precinct 3 staff members for additional details.

County Cleanup Day - MARCH 30, 2019

Please Separate Your Items For Cleanup. Please check with your Precinct that you will be visiting, we all have different procedures on how things need to be separated


County cleanup day is held once a year. Commissioner’s court determines a Saturday in April of every year in which the four county precinct barns will accept most items that normally cannot be disposed of through your waste services. Hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We do not accept the following items on Cleanup day:

  • Burn barrels
  • Gasoline, diesel, or any flammable or explosive products
  • Household chemicals such as cleaners, fertilizers or insecticides
  • Sealed barrels or 55 gallon drums of any kind
  • Any waste from a business or commercial contractor or non-resident of Parker County.
  • Medical or bio-hazard waste products.
  • Shingles or any roofing material
  • Wet paint of any kind
  • Any chemicals or empty chemical containers
  • Household garbage
  • Any tires on rims

Please note that the items are not accepted due to safety reasons. Household trash will not be accepted. You should have a local waste disposal company for that service. Clean-up day is for local homeowners, not to be used by commercial businesses.

We now have free mulch from grinding roadside brush. You can load all you want.