Public Records


No searches will be done over the telephone. There is a $5 fee per written record for any search we conduct, with the exception of liens. We will not conduct any lien searches. This constitutes a title search. CLICK HERE TO SEARCH PUBLIC RECORDS.

Recording of Instruments

The primary responsibility of deed records is to record and process all property instruments presented to the County Clerk's Office. This is to ensure the safekeeping of these documents in case of loss or destruction. Once a record is filed, it is possible for copies to be made for proof of land ownership, liens against property, and other legal necessities.


You must be present in our office to file a brand. Brands are valid for 10 years.

Military Discharge Records

Military discharge records (DD214) can be filed with the county clerk at no charge. If you file your discharge record with the County Clerk’s Office, you will never have to worry about finding a copy of the record.

Filing Fees

Filing fees for instruments are $25 for the first page and $4 for each additional page. View the county clerk's complete fee schedule.