County Judge

Role and Responsibilities of the County Judge
As the chief administrative officer of Parker County, the County Judge is the designated representative and spokesman on behalf of the county at the local, regional, state and Federal level. The County Judge spends 45-50% of his time performing judicial duties.

Judicial Duties

Presides over Probate Court which includes probate of wills, guardianship's and mental competency hearings. He also sets bond on defendants at the jail. The County Judge is required to complete a minimum of 30 hours of specialized legal training the first year in office and a minimum of 16 hours each year thereafter. The County Judge must complete hours of legal classroom time to comply with the statutes. He also serves on the Juvenile Probation Board with the District Judges and the County Court at Law Judges.

Administrative Duties

The County Judge prepares a draft budget for the Commissioners to review, make changes and finally adopt after they conduct workshops and hearings on the budget and the tax rate. The County Judge serves on the Purchasing Board with the District Judges.


The County Judge along with the Commissioners Court is in charge of the voter approved transportation bond covering projects around the county. The bond program was completed on time and within budget.


As the official county spokesman, the County Judge serves on various boards and committees representing the county. At the present time, the judge serves on the Regional Transportation Council.

Emergency Management

The County Judge is the Director of Emergency Management and oversees the Emergency Management Coordinator.