Tax Assessor-Collector

Temporary Waiver of Vehicle Title & Registration Requirements Ended April 14, 2021

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles announced in December of 2020 that the temporary waivers issued by Governor Greg Abbott regarding certain vehicle registration and titling requirements would last through April 14, 2021. The temporary waiver period covers March 16, 2020, through April 14, 2021.

 A driver operating a motor vehicle on a Texas public roadway with expired registration after April 14, 2021, is subject to citation by law enforcement and a late registration penalty.


Reminder: Before renewing registration, Texans will need to obtain a passing vehicle inspection at the state vehicle inspection station of their choice, unless their vehicle is exempt from inspection requirements.

The Tax Assessor-Collector strictly handles Auto Registration in Parker County. She does not appraise properties. Property appraisals and assessments come from the Parker County Appraisal District.

Duties & Responsibilities

The residents of Parker County usually visit the Tax Assessor-Collector’s office more frequently than any other branch of county government. As an agent for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, the Tax Assessor-Collector’s office provides vehicle registration and title transaction services for the residents of the county. The office also provides Boat Registrations; Beer, Wine and Liquor Permits/Licenses; Special Inventory Tax Collections.

Forms of Payment


Checks with valid id.

Visa or MasterCard. Fee for using a Visa or MasterCard is 3.85% per transaction.

Additional Information

One Sticker For Registration And Inspection -Two Steps One Sticker

Information concerning registration fees, vehicle sales tax, title information, address changes, vehicle forms, and to order specialty plates are available on the DMV’s website:

Special Inventory Tax Collection:

2020 Special Inventory Tax Rates

2021 Special Inventory Tax Rates

Boat and Boat Motor Registration: or call TPWD at 817-831-3128

Beer, Wine and Liquor Permits / Licenses:

Drivers License Information and Department of Public Safety: or for Parker County DPS call 817-599-8463

Property Tax Information: or call 817-596-0077

Child Safety Fee (Section 502.403):

To fund programs designed to enhance child safety, health, or nutrition, including child abuse intervention and prevention and drug and alcohol abuse prevention. If your Agency is qualified to apply please download attached packet for submission.

Program Funding Application