Justice of the Peace Precinct 3

Judge Dusty Vinson

JP Precinct 3 Dusty Vinson

Judge Dusty Vinson is serving in his second term as Justice of the Peace of Precinct 3. He was elected to the office in 2014.

Judge Vinson has served the residents of Parker County for over 21 years. He worked as Senior Investigator for the Parker County District Attorney’s Office and as a Lieutenant with the Parker County Sheriff’s Office prior to being elected as Justice of the Peace. Dusty and his wife Julie are the proud parents of four grown boys.  

Judge Vinson takes a great deal of pride in his service to Parker County over the years and hopes to continue to serve the people of Parker County.

Judge Vinson is now accepting E-filed Civil Cases which can be submitted through E-File Texas, by clicking this link: https://efile.txcourts.gov/ofsweb.  If you already have the petition printed and prepared, or saved to your computer, you can simply scan and/or attach the petition through this link.  You will need to sign in or register if it is your first time to use the site.  

If you would like a guided walk-through experience, you may click on this link https://selfhelp.efiletexas.gov/srl for assistance with filing your case.  You will click on the type of case you wish to file, and the system will then take you through a guided "interview" process which will result in a petition being filed with the appropriate court.  

When filing a petition or any other documents with the court, please submit the original, a copy for each party, along with a copy for your records. Your copy will be file-marked and returned to you. If filing by mail, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.  You may send documents and requests through email to the staff email jp.3@parkercountytx.com, however, you must follow up with a phone call to ensure the document is received and processed. All documents and requests will be processed in the order they are received.  Filing fees are now $54.00, and if the citation, or notice of suit, will be served by the Constables in Parker County, we can collect the $100.00 service fee that that time.  

For legal advice, please visit self-represented litigant information regarding laws and rules of court, provided by our Texas Justice Court Training Center by clicking the QUICK LINK "Texas Justice Courts."    

civil Forms

CriminaL FORMS


The options after receiving a ticket are: (CDL holders please call Court)

  • Pay the acceptable fine and court cost, as directed by the Court, on the reply form, you will need to complete section 3, #1 on the back of reply form (this may or may not affect your driving record and/or insurance).
  • Request the Driving Safety Course if you have not had a Driving Safety Course in the last 12 months to have a ticket dismissed, you can print and fill out the Driver Safety Course request for and mail in with your payment, or email and pay online. You will pay the Court Costs as well as the fee to the company that teaches the class and obtain your driving record using the form provided by the court.
  • Request Deferred Disposition (a type of probation), please call the court to see if you are eligible and what the fine and court costs would be.
  • Request your case be set for pretrial, jury trial or bench trial. All cases are set for pre-trial first to give you an opportunity to speak to the County Attorney regarding your case and determine if an agreement can be reached.


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