415th District Court

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Historically, district courts are the trial courts of general jurisdiction of Texas. The geographical area served by each court is established by the legislature, but each county must be served by at least one district court. In sparsely populated areas of the state, several counties may be served by a single district court, while an urban county may be served by many district courts. The 415th district is a single-county district covering Parker County, Texas.

Generally, district courts have original jurisdiction in cases involving felony crimes, divorces, title to land, election contests, civil law in which the amount in controversy (the amount of money or damages involved) is $200 or more, and any matters in which jurisdiction is not placed in another trial court. The legislature, however, often establishes courts with limited or specialty jurisdiction. The 415th District Court is a general jurisdiction court established by the Texas Legislature in 2003. The court commenced operations in 2004. It is located in the District Courts Building just east of the historic Parker County Courthouse.  The court system exists to serve the concept of justice, thus it is our desire that your experience with the 415th be a pleasant one, considering all circumstances. 

Court Administration, Scheduling, and Electronic Contact

Contact our staff for scheduling and questions involving the administration of cases in the 415th. We make every reasonable effort to accommodate your needs, including health concerns. Please realize that the presiding judge generally cannot speak with you about factual matters relating to pending cases. If you wish to speak with the judge regarding other matters, please inquire of our staff for guidance. Questions about potential outcomes in pending cases or about the law in general (legal advice) cannot be addressed.

For remote proceedings the coordinator will provide contact information (link) to your designated address.  In all court proceedings only the evidence intended for admission into the record need be provided. A copy of such evidence should be sent via email to the coordinator and court reporter prior to commencement of the court proceeding. The evidence actually admitted by the court should then be physically provided to the court reporter at 117 Fort Worth Highway, Weatherford, Texas, following the conclusion of the court proceeding.

Courtroom Attire Guidelines for Parties

Men: Collared shirt tucked in; long pants (no shorts); no baggy pants, pants with holes, or pants sitting far below the waist.

Women: Sleeved shirts or blouses covering shoulders and mid-section; long or Capri-style pants; knee-length dresses (no spaghetti straps or see-through material).

Courtroom Attire Guidelines for Spectators and Jurors

Dress appropriate to dignity of the courtroom and its functions. No “message” clothing or attire that would be disruptive or cause focused attention upon the wearer. Remove hats (males) and sunglasses when in courtroom.

Decorum Guidelines

Children are not allowed in the courtroom without permission (with the exception of adoptions). Electronic devices must be turned off or silenced. Be quiet while court in session. Counsel remain behind bar until permitted to pass by court.

Building Accommodations

Courtroom has audio/video capability with projector screen and video monitor. Wi-Fi connection and Elmo station are provided for use by counsel upon request. One conference room and a small courtroom on the first floor are available on first come-first served basis. 


Parking is available along the streets in the general vicinity of the building. Additional parking is available ½ block to the west of the building in the "courthouse square" area. Be careful crossing the street!

Extended Accommodations

If your visit to the 415th may require overnight stays, you may utilize the chamber of commerce links on this site as well as make inquiry of our staff for suggestions.