Sample Ballots

November 8, 2022 Elections

Unopposed Candidates Declared Elected (Election Code 2.056) will be on everyone's Sample Ballot and regular ballot. Unopposed Candidates (Statewide and County offices) will be listed at the end of each ballot.  SB 1 (Senate Bill 1) requires cites, schools and other political subdivisions to list their candidates that are unopposed as Declared Elected. When finding your sample ballot, use your voter registration card - look to see what US Congressional District you live in, voting precinct number, and if you are in a school district or the Emergency Services District 1.  If you are uncertain about which ballot is your sample ballot, call our office 817-598-6185.

Sample ballots can be printed from here (please print on yellow paper) or picked up in our office.  There is no Ballot Style (BS) 15 or 30.