Write-In Voting

how to vote for write-in candidates

First, voter must choose - the box beside:  To enter a write-in, touch here

Race wWrite in Choice

Automatically, a keyboard will populate on the DUO screen.  The voter must press the letters to spell the name of the candidate from the list of certified write-in candidates. 

Keyboard to type name

The list of certified candidates is on each DUO as below.  They are also in the polling location posted with the sample ballots.

Write In Name on DUO

Voter has typed in the name of the write-in Candidate for Governor and it will look like this on the DUO.

Candidate Name

After the voter has pressed  Accept at the bottom right, the screen below will appear on the DUO.  Notice that write-in is checked and it shows the name that was typed in by the voter. Voter will select next and proceed to the next election race.

After typed in name

The final review page will look like below.  List the race, write-in, and name that the voter typed in.

Look on Review Page