How can I send an inmate socks and/or boxers?
White socks and white underwear can be sent to an inmate via the U.S. mail. Access the visitation and contact section of our website; the mailing instructions are there.

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1. Can an inmate receive typewritten letters? I was told that everything had to be handwritten, but I feel that I need to ask.
2. How do I determine if a particular inmate is in this jail?
3. Can email be used to request inmate contact or to leave a message for the inmate to call?
4. How can I get money to a inmate when I live in another state?
5. When someone transfers in, will mail that is en route be forwarded there from the previous facility, or returned to sender?
6. Can the socks be white with grey toes?
7. Can I visit an inmate with a consular ID or does it needs to be a U.S. ID?
8. If funds have been deposited to a general account for phone calls or commissary, how is the inmate to know that information?
9. Do i need an ID code of an inmate to put on the envelope so they can surely get mail?
10. Does the underwear have to be white?
11. How many pics can an inmate have?
12. Can an inmate receive cards made from construction paper in the event kids make them for their parent?
13. What kind of shoes can I send an inmate?
14. Are all inmates listed on your website?
15. How can I send an inmate socks and/or boxers?
16. What is the policy in regards to picutres in letters, in particular inkjet printed materials?
17. What kind of stamps should be used?
18. Can inmates receive cigarettes in the mail?
19. Can ladies underwear have a small tag with the manufactures name on the outside of the waste band, or printed on the outside of the waist band?
20. What online store can we use to purchase items for an inmate?
21. Can an inmate receive mail from anyone or does it have to come only from people who are on an approved list?
22. Can I send an inmate boxers? Does the t-shirt and boxers have to be white also?