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Civil Fees
Civil Fees
$41.00 Filing Fee each case                                                
$100.00 Service Fee for each person                                
named in the suit of the following categories:                                                               

Debt Claim 
Evictions (Landlord Tenant)        
Repair and Remedy Claim
Small Claims

When filing a petition with the court, please submit the original, a copy for each defendant and a copy for your records.  Your copy will be file-marked and returned to you.  If filing by mail, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. If your fail to provide the appropriate number of copies, you will be charged to make copies for you.


$5.00 Writ Issuance Fee
$150.00 Service Fee for:

Writ of Possession


$5.00 Writ Issuance Fee
$200.00 Service Fee for:

Writ of Attachment
Writ of Execution
Writ of Garnishment

$22.00 Jury Request Fee
$10.00 Transcript of Judgment
$5.00 Abstract of Judgment

Fee for Copies

Certified Copies - $2.00 for 1st page and $0.25 for each additional page
Regular Copies - $1.00 for 1st page and $.025 for each additional page